A selection of  mainly unpublished poems by Ray Baker
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The Land Of Yesterday
Town====The Seaside====Country Garden====Country Fields
The Slums====The Slaughter House====The Royal Regatta

No Tears & Needless Tears====What Am I ==== I  Wonder====Enigma
The Compulsive Poet====No Easy Road

Light hearted
Tickles====A Plausible Panacea====False Economy ====Fools like me
Which is Which and What is What==== Not Guilty====Heads I Win====Hard Day Worse Night
Dedication====Dont Blame Me====One Last Try====A touch Of The Pam Ayres

Dogs & Cats
Night Trials====Tony====Dog Tired
It Goes To Show ====Bluebell
Counter Action====Hospitality====My Mate====Mitch====A Fair Solution
A Night To Remember====Panic====More haste less Speed
The Strange Horseman====The Tale Of The Smelly Wellies
Monochrome Memories====From the Valley To The Sea
My Dad====A Fools Paradise===Dear Son
Big change in Small change====Times of Great Change
Crystal beads====Silver haze====Birds & bees
Christmas gifts====Cold comfort====Gale force winds
Synchopated Raindrops====Xmas Thoughts
More Rain Less Pain

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