What more pleasant sight to see,

Than children around the Christmas Tree.

At last the long awaited day,

That in summer seemed light years away,

Has brought for many girls and boys,

Their favourite books, sweets, games and toys.

It's hard for us to visualize,

Those families with tear filled eyes,

Some in lands not far away,

Who know no joy on Christmas Day,

Their prospect for the coming year,

Holds little hope, much doubt and fear.

The problems we contend with, may cause us sleepless nights,

But are really insignificant, compared with others' plights.

Though we may be short of heat, and the things we'd like to eat,

Elsewhere the  helpless sick, and injured, lie dying in the street.

Old people and young children, whose families are no more,

Herded into compounds, for those who've fled from war.

Today the Christmas message, is no longer clear.

To some it's office parties, and drinking lots of beer.

It used to mean good will to men, and spreading peace on earth.

Good will is now in short supply, and of peace there is a dearth.

We must give our thanks to those, who have proved they really care

Devoting lives and healing skills, to ease the suffering there.

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