Through the years I've learnt a lot, much at my mothers knee,

I always will be thankful, for the things that she taught me.

She taught me not to envy others, and make peace, instead of strife.

To appreciate the things I've got, and make the best of life.

She taught me not to spend a copper, more than I could afford,

And it is better being tired through work, than wasting time, and being bored.

I've found that there's always more to learn at every stage in life,

And that riches do not count as much, as health, and a faithful wife.

If I tried to put down all I've learnt, you'd be reading this all day,

So in order not to tire your eyes, I've found a better way.

I'll write you out a shorter list, the things I've never learnt.

They seem the most important, where contentment is concerned.

I never learnt to gamble, so I never stood to lose.

And though I've known some times of stress, I've never turned to booze.

One thing my mother didn't teach me, and that was how to hate,

Somehow I think I'll never learn, perhaps it's just too late.

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