The nurse arrived before the dawn,

By half past six, the babe was born.

That little babe, turned out to be,

The happiest child, you'd ever see.

Before she learned to speak a word,

She'd copy all the sounds she heard.

When she could speak, we were confused,

We'd never heard some words she used.

Mumpf and Dib-dib were but two.

We learned to use them, and still do.

Mum bakes Victoria Mumpf for me,

And I like Dib-dibs dunked in tea.

She had a trike when she was small,

And loved piddle it up the hall.

She had a little phantom friend,

With whom she'd play for hours on end.

Beebum was with her constantly,

He'd sit beside her during tea.

She told us things he did and said,

At night she'd tuck him in her bed.

Her friend Beebum didn't go away,

Till her brother was old enough to play

As they aged, we couldn't share their fun

Therefore we planed another one.

My wife said she wouldn't mind the pain,

So after more than fifteen years,

Our lives began again.

Those joyful years returned once more,

As rich or richer than before.

Now after three years and a score,

We are too old to have some more.

But thankful for the forty years,

Of pleasure that we've had.

Life would have seemed quite fruitless,

If I hadnít been their Dad.

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