Children's Games.

Come with me I'll take you to the land of yesterday.

To noisy streets of cobblestones,where ragged children play.

Steel bound wheels of wooden carts,make ruby sparks to fly.

The driver sits with whip at hand, alerted by the cry,

"Whip Behind" aims stinging lash, his target sure to find.

Home bound children boys and girls, with only fun in mind.

Hang underneath, twixt thundering wheels, like washing on a line.

With weals on thighs, they soon disperse, reformed, until next time.

So many naughty tricks and games,the children love to play.

No "State Of The Art" computer games, that the children have today.

Another trick they often play, in darkened streets at end of day.

The knockers of the doors are tied, across the street from side to side.

Then as they make a fast retreat, upon the final door they beat.

As the occupier opens door, each one knocks the one before.

Without the traffic of today, in quiet streets it's safe to play.

With Tip-Cat and Diabolo, cane hoops or Whipping tops.

No walkie-talkie Radios, or "Trannies" screaming "Pops".

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