Too many TIMEs in my lifeTIME, I have longed for your return,

TIME after TIME I've remembered, the TIME for which I yearn.

The summerTIME, that happy TIME, when TIME just seems to fly,

I've longed to live that TIME again, some TIME before I die.

In TIME of war when TIMEs were hard, it came my TIME to go.

Through winterTIME I thought of you, and TIME went by so slow,

Even in the summerTIME, the nightTIME seemed to drag,

Then came the TIME to go on leave, it was TIME to pack my bag.

I checked up in the TIMEtable, to find the TIMEs of trains.

I left in good TIME, for the station, and walked through country lanes.

I heard the church clock strike the TIME, and found my watch was slow.

What a TIME to pour with rain, and still a mile to go.

As I broke into double TIME, the narrow track turned into slime.

I skidded about, and fell in the mud, TIME, after TIME, after TIME.

I reached the station just in TIME, to see the train disappear.

That TIME was the first TIME it left on TIME, since that TIME the previous year.

That left me with TIME to think of the TIMEs, I've spent happy TIMEs with you.

That TIME I had got TIME to burn, until the TIME the next was due.

Now the TIME has come to see, how TIME has changed your face,

I'm sad to say , that all that TIME, was of TIME a total waste

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