Some people call their dogs "Dumb Friends", but they're really far from dumb.

Of senses they've got their quota, compared with me, then some.

Dogs don't need language to convey, what could they speak, they'd like to say.

I know my dogs can always tell, if I feel fit or not too well.

When I am ill, they behave so well, I've tried to see if they can tell.

When I am putting on an act, or if I'm really ill in fact.

When I pretend they tease me more, I can't fool them, they know the score.

I'll call one in, he'll come half way then turn around and run away.

He crouches with chest to the ground, then suddenly he makes a bound,

Straight past me, with dirty paws, splashing mud on walls and floors.

Then to his bed he'll, go and lay, no "ACTING ILL" just doesn't pay.

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