I'll tell you about another teacher, while I'm in the mind.

A more cruel and sadistic man, would be very hard to find.

He'd severely punish pupils, for the slightest little thing.

To speak without permission, swift retribution would bring.

His name was "Taffy Evans", but no credit to his race.

In fact I'd say the opposite, he was a disgrace.

All the teachers at the school, often used the cane,

But his aim was always, to maximize the pain.

He'd keep you with your hand out, just to cause you strain.

And give you lots of time to think, and anticipate the pain.

He'd select a cane to use, with fastidious care.

Then he'd swing it ever faster, until it tore the air.

After what seemed like minutes, the arm would really ache,

When you tried to keep it still, your hand began to shake.

Then he'd make it whistle, like wind in ropes and sails,

Each time a little closer, until it broke your nails.

The next stroke struck the fingers, the third across the palm,

Although it left blood blisters, the last one did least harm.

Another of his punishments, when two pupils misbehaved,

Proved he wasn't normal. in fact he was depraved.

He'd make them both come out, and stand in front of class,

Then one of them bend over, the other, kick him in the rear,

Changing them over, several times, so each kick was more severe

You will never hear me sing the praise,

Of what some call "THE GOOD OLD DAYS".

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