I look to the east and I see the glow

On the clouds above, from the sun below

The horizon, where soon that crimson orb

Bursts over the rim the dark night to absorb.

As it climbs ever higher, the glow starts to clear

And those beautiful stripes in the sky disappear.

That crimson globe ascends in the skies,

Then transforms to a gold, that dazzles my eyes.

In the following hours it continues it's run,

Earth soaks up the rays, from that life giving sun.

Although hidden by clouds, it's there just the same.

Doing magical work, with it's partner the rain.

When it's finished the journey, from east to the west,

It may change back to crimson, as it sinks down to rest

Below the horizon, where wonder-filled eyes,

In lands far away, are watching it rise.

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