How things have changed since I was young,

Those who killed intentionally expected to be hung.

A hand was raised to forehead, when a friend passed by.

Now itís done to shield the eyes, when looking to the sky.

An "Ice cart" in the High St, was quite a common sight.

Fish and meat were packed in ice, to keep them over night.

Homes didnít have fridge-freezers, so familiar today

The meat safe on a shady wall, helped keep the flies away.

Made of wood and covered, with perforated zinc,

If left unscrubbed where blood had dripped, believe me, it would stink.

The practice in most drapery stores, Iím sure you would find strange.

Though often called for, few would give a farthing in the change.

Instead they gave some sew-on snaps, or cards of hooks and eyes.

How things have changed in my lifetime, is hard to realize.

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