The Slums

Come with me I'll take you, to the land of Yesterday,

So many things you've not yet seen, and I've much more to say.

I'll show you deep and lasting scars, from lashes of the "Cat".

Folk dying from diseases, carried by the rat,

Louse infested hovels, where two families share one room,

Lit by oil or candles, they live in constant gloom.

You ask me why there's pasted tape, on windows and the door.

That house I know, has been condemned, for twenty years or more.

The family that lived there all fell sick, and died,

Now it's full of poison gas, to kill all life inside.

It was alive with fleas and lice, and in an awful state.

Before it can be used again, they've got to fumigate.

There's a special hospital, just behind those trees,

To isolate the patients, so they don't spread disease.

With the advance of science, we hope much change to see,

And for diphtheria and smallpox, soon a cure there'll be.

With hygiene and clean living, at last we'll beat that curse.

If ever we ignore those things, there will follow something worse.

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