A motorway network, with no lorries or cars.

A fantasy space trip, with no Venus or Mars.

To sail for a lifetime, on a sea with no shore.

A life threatening sickness, with no hope of a cure.

A town with no buildings, just bricks turned to dust.

When you build up a business, and then it "goes bust".

A night full of darkness, with no stars and no moon.

An abundance of noise, with no rhythm or tune.

To speed down a hill, in a car with no brakes.

No family at Christmas, just a heart full of aches.

To step through a doorway, and find there's no floor.

To be shut in a cell, with no window or door.

Dead silence, no music, in Carnegie Hall.

To wait by the phone, but never a call.

To scorch in the desert, with no trace of shade

To run out of money, with bills to be paid

You thought you'd a fortune, when you needed it most,

But your prize-winning coupon got lost in the post.

I knew that feeling, for which no words can be found,

When I found, you crying, because Id let you down.

                                                                                        Ray Bake

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