Over the years, we've had cats of each sort,

Some with long silky coats, others quite short.

One of the former that comes to my mind,

Though not really snobbish, looked rather refined.

A bit like the ones you sometimes see,

Stretched out on a carpet, on the T.V..

Simon wasn't a wanderer, a home loving cat,

His absence seemed worse because of that.

Mum was away at a Dog Show, that day,

Finding him gone, she was filled with dismay,

He was her favourite, and had always been.

Though we searched and we asked, he hadn't been seen.

A week went by and he hadn't been traced'

Then a lady replied to an advert we placed.

She'd found a dead cat, like the one we owned,

And was convinced it was Simon, that's why she phoned.

She picked him up off the road, where vehicles rushed,

And laid him on the verge, where he wouldn't get crushed.

The spot where she found him, three miles from our home.

We can't think what possessed him, so far to roam.

I went to bring him back home to rest 'neath the ground,

On which he had played, and hunted around.

Though I searched every foot of the verge, and the bank.

I returned home with sadness, for I'd drawn a blank.

Had a road sweeper perhaps, picked him upon his round ?

And had he at some tip, been dumped on the ground ?

Our pets are like family, or a very close friend.

We all felt depressed, that he had met such an end.

About a week or so later, I heard my wife scream.

We both witnessed something, that seemed like a dream.

There in the window, was Simon so thin and frail.

Completely dishevelled from his head to his tail.

I don't know how he survived, for he hadn't been fed.

He must have been stunned, when they thought he was dead.

When he came too it seems, he made his way,

Through lanes and fields, getting nearer each day.

How he found the strength, we'll never know.

His health improved, but recovery was slow.

He survived for some years, but was never the same,

Such a beautiful cat, it did seem a shame.

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