The Slaughterhouse

Come with me I'll take you to, the land of Yesterday.

To a gruesome business place, where animals they slay.

Brought from the peaceful countryside, into this dying hell.

They sense that there'll be no return, they know deaths sickening smell.

Crowds of children stand and stare, the doors are open wide,

Watching each revolting move, that's going on inside.

In they're dragged, cows, pigs and sheep,

Their rendezvous, with death to keep.

No jab of drug to ease the pain,

Head pulled to the floor, beside a drain,

Poor writhing beast, it's fate aware,

It seems it's head from neck will tear.

The slaughter man, poleaxe in hands, beside tormented beast now stands,

He aims his blow, to pierce the brain. the final act to ease it's pain.

Sometimes alas his aim is bad, the injured beast, goes raving mad.

The children vanish in a flash, as tortured bullock, makes a dash.

Panic reigns, until at last, the word goes 'round, the danger's past.

Now lying in a pool of gore, the lifeless corpse, feels pain no more.

Next day they're back, the kids with eyes, all focused on a special prize.

The prize the children think so big, the bladder of a slaughtered pig

The blood stained orb still scarcely dry, is waved excitedly on high.

As they go dancing down the street. that "toy" for them, a special treat.

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