The Land Of Yesterday

The Seaside Town

Come with me I'll take you,

To the land of yesterday.

To golden sands where off the shore,

A school of porpoises play.

Through half closed eyes, we scan the line,

Where sea blends with the sky.

We see a ship with square-rigged sails,

Oft seen in years gone by.

Bare-foot children throng the shore,

And wander through the street.

In summer heat the molten tar,

Makes sharp flints stick to feet.

Bathing suits and summer clothes,

The choice of young and old.

Many more who have no choice,

Wear the same in heat or cold.

Some sights are quite familiar,

Much as they are today,

Like narrow streets where Suffolk-Punch

Pulls barrel loaded dray.

Not so the bearded Russian,

With long black curly hair.

He's come to entertain us,

With his giant Dancing Bear.

Perhaps we'll hear the music,

Of a wandering German Band,

Or see a Barrel-organ,

With a monkey, cup in hand.

If you wake up early,

You'll hear the roll-boy's bell.

His boss gives him an extra roll,

For each twelve he can sell.

His family needs the extra cash,

And he knows all the tricks.

Rather than sell a dozen,

He'd rather sell twice six.

Some of the boys are really smart,

But that one with brown teeth,

Never has a piece of rag,

To use as a handkerchief.

All his friends think he is great.

Thatís what he believes.

Behind his back, they thumb the nose,

And call him "Silver- Sleeves".

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