A Royal Occasion

In Otley one December day, diversion signs were on display.
The "cops" were busy through the night, the job complete before daylight.
In spite of local grumbler's moans, the Otley roads were lined with cones.
It was to be a special day diversion signs were on display.
A lot of people hoped to see the Duke of Gloucester plant a tree,
And unveil a special plaque, security dared not be slack.
A dog with handler does it's rounds, through office factory, and grounds.
But luckily found nothing there, like Hubbard's cupboard, all was bare.

Hardly had the dog departed than a flood of coaches started.
Bringing folks from far and wide, whose cars were parked three miles outside.
Each wore nameplates their chests, to prove they were invited guests.
From the gate, came a report, they'll soon be here, Duke and escort.

The mayor, who wore his chain with pride, was pleased he soon would be inside.With cold and warm hands duly shook, the Duke went in, and signed the book.
The mayor's hand cold the Duke's was warm, each pleased their duties to perform.         

He then went to the panel shop where each few yards he made a stop.
Then to machine shop with its lathes, he didn't pass but stopped to gaze.
The noisy stripit caught his eye, he talked to Fred and then walked by.
Dave showed him how the plates were bent, then through assembly lines he went.
When he reached test he spoke to Paul, he didn't seem to rush at all.
Through large assembly with it's packs, the area supervised by Max.

The copper shop was next in line,  with Chris Cobb he spent some time.
Where on a bench he saw displayed, designer tools Ray Baker made
They don't want him in the way, so he's behind the lens today..
The sound at this point's a disaster, it's Owen on that darned grit blaster.
The Duke was keen he didn't stop, but walked on through the copper shop.
He took his time and didn't rush, his presence made poor Nigel blush.
Past Russell's and our Rita's bench, (She's the section's only wench).

Then to test, and on past Paul, to Chris's bench at the end wall,
Duane I'm told was quite amazed when someone praised the pipes he'd brazed.
In the warehouse the trio stand, Ian, John and Barbara await to shake his hand.
Hubbard Reader's special day, they're proud their products to display.

A growing firm, big reputation, their products used throughout the nation.
With Europe's union close at hand, the Otley factory must expand.
He saw Boulter boilers, for economic heat,
Showing a lot of interest his tour almost complete.
He'd along talk with John Reader in installation bay,
Looked around development and then went on his way.
Upstairs to commercial sales, also C A D,
Then back down, and out the back to plant the final tree.

Guests are gathered outside, the weather keeping fine,
as they awaited his return from looking round design
Back inside the warehouse for the speeches and the plaque,
then for the Duke, a bite to eat before they fly him back.
The Duke left in his chopper when he'd had a snack.
And waved to all the cheering Kids, as he was going back.

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