Few are the times that I've known fear,

Just three such memories, stand out clear.

Two when death seemed near at hand,

One due to height, and one quick-sand.

The third, the one that scared me most,

As a school-boy living on the coast.

I'd been out shopping all alone,

To buy a gift, I longed to own,

With pennies saved, from errands earned,

I bought the gift for which I yearned.

Grasping it as though 'twer gold'

I hurried through the dark and cold.

Ere long the rain began to fall,

So I took shelter near a wall.

Soon my clothes were soaking wet,

As was my precious writing set.

The thunder boomed, and lightning flashed,

As the last half mile I dashed.

Suddenly all lights went out,

My heart was filled with fear and doubt.

The downpour ceased, then not a sound.

Pitch black, no sign of life around.

I thought the end of the world had come.

Then panic struck, my senses numb,

What if all but me were dead?

Such were the thoughts, that filled my head.

Was I doomed to endless night?

Would I ever use my "set", to write?

My heart was throbbing, fit to burst,

I ran toward home, to learn the worst.

As I passed the school, I knew so well,

A flash of lightning, struck the bell.

My fear dispersed, with that blinding flash.

And my sense returned, with the thunder's crash.

I  soon was home, clothes changed and dry.

Using the "set" I'd been out to buy.

I lost my fear of storms that day,

Now, I enjoy a lightning display.

There are few sights, more thrilling to see.

 But I won’t forget that one, believe you me.

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