There many nooks and crannies, in the storeroom of my mind.

I never cease to be amazed, at the memories I find.

Long buried by the dust of time, obscured from view for many years,

Lay heaps of thoughts of happy times, and a sprinkling of tears.

The glimpse of a forgotten face, can stir the mind, and cause a wealth,

Of memories to shower down, like cards, blown from a shelf.

Are all those distant memories, enhanced by passing years?

Do we forget about the sadness, hardships, and the fears?

What matter if we omit the things, that caused our lives displeasure?

It leaves more space for happy thoughts, to savour at our leisure.

Some thoughts now most amusing, seemed quite tragic at the time.

One instance in particular, concerned a lamp-post climb.

We had been learning at our school, about natives climbing palms,

When harvesting the coconuts, they held with outstretched arms,

And walked up the trunks like monkeys, and dropped them to the ground.

In place of palms, the lamp-posts, were the next best things I found.

Do you know the type of thing I mean? With a globe shaped like a pear,

They are used today, as garden lights, in fact they're now quite rare.

After two or three attempts, it was not too hard I found.

But when the thin top bit broke off, I was the "NUT" that hit the ground.

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