I could not imagine as a child,

Although I used to try,

Either where we came from,

Or go to, when we die.

Is there such a place as heaven,

Or is it just a state of mind?

Will my existence end abruptly?

Or will I leave this life behind,

In another place to join once more,

Loved ones who have gone before?

I have long since ceased to wonder,

Content to wait and see.

I'll know it all or nothing,

When the last call comes for me.

Should my soul die, or journey on,

No need for sadness, when I've gone.

Life's given me a wealth of joys,

A wife a daughter, and two boys.

I've never felt a need for wealth,

Content with happiness and health.

I can't complain, you must agree.

No need to shed your tears for me.


Though, I tell myself, I shouldn't cry,

The time must come for each to die.

My mind tells me I should be pleased,

That at last her sufferingís eased

It matters not how hard I try,

My mind can not control my eye,

The sadness Iíve suppressed for years.

Comes bursting out in sobs and tears.

I know no cause why tears should start,

For she lives on within my heart.

The happy years, I live again,

So many joys, so little pain.

Over the years she let me know,

Given the choice, she wished to go,

And not be left here all alone.

She knew Iíd manage on my own.

Who knows, we may unite once more,

If thereís a Heaven, she is there Iím sure.

Waiting for me, free from pain.

My one great loss is Heavenís gain.

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