There can be no up without a down,

no countryside if there's no town.

No bravery , without some fear,

or drying of eyes, without a tear.

To enjoy relief, you must know pain,

to relax you must first, take the strain.

All day, no night, the world would be,

parched, barren earth, salt, lifeless sea.

Without despair, there'd be no hope,

no need for help, if all could cope.

If all were rich, what joy in giving?

without a cause, what point in living?

No peace returns, till blood is spilt,

there's no forgiveness, without guilt.

With no ups and downs, or ins and outs,

just one long road, no roundabouts.

How dull and sterile life would be,

if time passed uneventfully.

Ray Baker

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