For decades I have shared your home,

with a sort of mouse that cannot roam,

and a keyboard linked into my brain.

Itís messages can cause me pain.

My silence, Iíve tried hard to keep,

no sound, save for a plaintive bleep.

As from today, my life has changed,

the power of speech has been arranged.

All my life Iíve borne the blame.

I am thick skinned, but all the same.

It gives my ego a nasty jolt,

knowing that itís not my fault.

Itís plain to see, itís total fiction,

that Iím to blame, for faulty diction.

Now at long last, Iíll have my say.

when folk get bills, they should not pay,

The blame lies squarely, donít you agree,

on those whoís fingers strike the key ?

I simply do what I am taught.

My skill is speed, theirs should be thought.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         RAY BAKER.

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