Throughout my days at school, I had a special friend.

A person on whose friendship, I knew I could depend.

Doug and I were leaders, of a group of kids our age.

I recall that some weekends, a concert we would stage.

Doug's father kept our local shop, with store sheds at the rear.

We paid his Dad three pence a week, for a loft, which wasn't dear.

The price we charged the kids for entry, was really very low.

Just a ha'penny, for half an orange, and a magic lantern show.

I must admit, our oil-lit lantern, wasn't very bright.

So to show our three slide programme. we had to wait till fading light.

When we left school Doug got a job, as electrician's mate,

His boss gave him old radio parts, well past their sell-by date.

Up in the loft, we would join them up, and then switch them 'round,

In the hope that from the ear-phones, one day wed hear a sound.

Finally we cracked it, and as though from some far land,

We heard music from, Wizard Of Oz, and the voice of Miss Garland.

We were careful with our money, saving all we could,

Until we, had sufficient to purchase lots of wood.

We set to work, to build a boat, up in that loft of ours.

A job which took each minute, of our leisure hours.

It was not a stylish craft, but it was our own design.

Until we tried to get it out, the job was going fine.

It was too large for the stairway, of that there was no doubt.

With some brute force and lots of sweat, in the end we got it out.

We sailed and listened to music, from a wind-up gramophone.

Taking turns at rowing, in that vessel of our own.

In a shed below our loft, there was a motor-bike, in store.

It had been collecting , rust and dust, since the first "World War".

It was a "Douglas Belt Drive", a relic of the past.

Although it took a bit of time, we made it go at last.

Then instead of sailing, with rowing boats or punts,

It was motorbike and back roads, and doing crazy stunts.

One evening in the summer, I was really riding high.

Standing on Doug's shoulders, when a policeman happened by.

He appeared from around a corner, and gave us quite a fright.

I did a very quick dismount, and Doug drove out of sight.

When asked, I told the Copper, where Doug "MIGHT" have gone.

He obviously hadn't but, it took time to prove me wrong.

As we'd agreed Doug used that time, to remove a vital part

Without a "mag" or drive belt, it couldn't run or even start.

We got off with a warning, from the "cop" and from Doug's Dad,

I often think of the "Thirties", and the fun and games we had.

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