I've puzzled, time and time again,

Over lots of things I cant explain.

The scientists, that brainy gang,

Say life began, with a big bang.

If that truly is the case,

Whatever caused that bang in space?

It was not a gas leak from the main.

That's a daft idea, but then again,

It would need gas, or dust, quite a load,

If something really did explode.

If creation did not take place,

In an eternity of empty space,

A million stars came on the scene.

"Cor"!! What a bang that must have been

The boffins try to explain away,

What made things, as they are today.

They think they know, what caused the change,

Not what was there to rearrange.

I don't know how it came about.

I know, you can't make "Owt" from "Nowt".

Another thing, I've not yet resolved,

Not just the way that we evolved,

But when we part this world below,

Do we stay? or do we go?.

If the former is the case,

We'll soon be running out of space.

If departed spirits could be seen,

There wouldn't be much space between.

Do you think they've got a costume store?

Or wear the same clothes ever more?

Excuse my flippant point of view.

Who knows what is wrong, or what is true?

There's much more than we'll ever know,

Both up above and down below.

Ray Baker

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