Little is achieved by anger, and even less by hate.

Judgement can be misguided, by our mental state.

We try to measure right and wrong, by codes that we have learned.

Others brought up differently, are wrong, where we're concerned.

If only we could place ourselves, in the opposition's shoes,

We might not find it quite so hard, to understand their views.

I recall that many years ago, my neighbour, sick and old,

Refused to stay upstairs in bed, and do as he was told.

His wife who I'll call Mrs A. was also old and frail,

She'd done her best to get him back, but all to no avail.

She called to me and asked my help, to get him back upstairs.

He was ranting on, accusing her, of having love affairs.

I said "Come on Mr A. you know that isn't true."

"I'd go upstairs and back to bed, again if I were you.

He replied, "Your talking nonsense, to me it's plain to see,

You'd do exactly what I'm doing, if in fact you could be me".

The argument that he put up, in fact was very true.

We must try to see, if not agree, with other's points of view.

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