Way back in nineteen forty nine, an incident that chilled my spine,

Took place as I returned, quite late, I'd been to Ipswich, on a date.

As I drove along, a country road, I saw a light, that barely showed,

Swinging slowly left and right, In the darkness of the night.

 Slowing down on that winding road, I scarce believed what my headlamps showed.

There at Wrabness, where four roads met, I saw a sight, I can't forget.

A big man mounted on a horse, the robe he wore, was brown and coarse.

With an old oil lantern in his hand, he came as close as he could stand.

 " BEWARE!! there's horses on the road", he said. I said "Right-Ho", and off I sped.

Though I took care, the road was clear, I thought next day, that I might hear,

That some eccentric farmer might, be fond of playing tricks at night.

No one had heard of such a nut, that doesn't mean there wasn't, but,

It seems unlikely, there would be, with no spectators there to see,

What would have been a merry prank. and so it seemed I'd drawn a blank.

Perhaps that night, or early morn, a horseman from his bed was torn,

On hearing of a horse escape, had no time to find a cape.

But grabbed a cast off dressing gown, then if his torch had let him down,

He had to use that ancient lamp, to face the night, so dark and damp.

"Beware" a funny thing to say, "Take care" is what most, say today.

That incident has been to me, a strange, intriguing mystery.

The answer isn't what you think, I hadn't had a single drink.

Though you may think it sounds absurd, that's exactly what I saw and heard.

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