You know, it gave me quite a scare,

When I saw these lying on that chair.

There they were, to my surprise,

Two dogless heads, with twinkling eyes.

I’d never seen the like before.

I wondered, should I breed some more.

They wouldn’t take up too much room,

And hardly any time to groom.

To feed them wouldn’t cost a sight,

For they'd be full with just one bite.

How people would stare, if just for a lark,

I took them out for a bark in the park.

There's one big problem, as you can see,

There's no way to tell a HE from a SHE.

They’ve settled down as dog and bitch,

But I still don’t know, which one is which.

In any case they are going steady,

One of them's Dogless, the other is Heady.

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