More bills today, earn more pay

Off to work, dare not shirk.

No time to talk, watched like a hawk.

No respite, time is tight.

Skies of grey, end of day.

Daylight gone, struggle on.

Want a break, muscles ache.

Dirt and grime, double time.

Need the "dough", an hour to go.

Shift at end, homeward wend.

Feel half dead, straight to bed.

Ten to four, awake once more.

Howling cats, dogs go "bats".

I chase the "Toms", wearing "combs".

Trip over hose, bleeding nose.

Quit the chase, clean up face.

Lock the door, bed once more.

Morning breaks, pains and aches.

Phone to say, can't work today.

Boss replies, "You realize

Our rules say, no work no pay."

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