Happiness is:-

The spontaneous look of pleasure,

I see in someone's eyes,

When I turn a corner, and meet them by surprise.

Sometimes a total stranger,

or perhaps we’ve met before.

The smile of a good friend means a lot,

of a stranger even more.

Happiness is not to have it all.

Those at the peak are prone to fall.

The choicest fruits are those we’ve earned,

The joy equates, with time we’ve yearned.

A modest gain, for the man who’s poor,

Means food and warmth, and so much more,

Than it does to him, who is born to wealth,

And would forfeit all, for return to health

Happiness is our approach to life,

And the secret of avoiding strife.

Health alone does not bring joy,

Nor sickness, need our lives destroy.

Those who know relief from pain,

Can comfort, and bring hope again.

To those who’s lives know deep despair,

By showing there are those who care.

                                                                                                        R J Baker

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