One quiet night, a shepherd boy while watching o'er his sheep,

Was counting stars, to speed the night, and keep himself from sleep.

Then as he gazed a radiant star descended from the sky,

And came to rest above the town of Bethlehem, near by.

The older shepherds resting near, awakened by his cries,

Were so amazed at what they saw that fear showed in their eyes.

A thunderous, mellow voice rang out, and echoed from the hill,

"I bring a message of great joy, to all men of good will"

"This day in Bethlehem is born, a boy, to be your king,"

"To offer man eternal life, and rob death of it's sting.

A celestial choir burst into song, and filled the still night air.

The heavenly music, calmed their fears, and brought a peace so rare.

The shepherds set off right away, to where the infant lay,

And wise men came with precious, gifts as the babe slept in the hay .

Some brought him frankincense and myrrh and others gifts of gold,

But the greatest gift was from God to man, as angels had foretold.

The star that guided them that night, to the humble cattle pen,

Shines ever more, at Christmas-time, in the hearts of Christian men.

To claim God's gift, that's free to all, there's nothing you must buy.

Guided by Gods heavenly plan, there's hope for you and I.

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