What does freedom mean to you ? Does it mean to say and do,

Anything that strikes your brain, though it causes others pain?

The sort of game that has no rules, is one that's only played by fools.

I often hear the view today, that the out of work who get no pay,

should be excused, if time to time, because they're poor, have turned to crime,

who when depressed, become depraved, destroying things, for which we've saved,

stealing cars, and pushing drugs, to me they're nothing more than thugs.

I too, knew hunger in earlier years, as did many of my peers.

Wed no desire to destroy, a neighbours treasured pride and joy,

because it was beyond our reach, a lesson this age fails to teach.

Our parents moral guidance, Im pleased and proud to say,

brought the pride in our behaviour, so seldom seen today.

The so-called freedom most sought today, it sadly seems to me,

is neither from want nor hunger, but responsibility.

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