Dear Surfer

If you're young enough to wonder, about the "Good Old Days.

I can tell you that the past I knew, was unworthy of such praise.

I am going to try to show you, in a way I hope won't bore,

How I remember growing up, before the last World War.

Life was hard, much want and strife, but vandalism wasn't rife.

Then, to want meant dire need, now all too often it means greed.

I write only of the life I knew, not of the lives of the "Well To Do.

Most times things were not too bad, we appreciated what we had.

If you're past your "Sell By Date" you may recall as I relate,

Tales of things we used to do, I once was young and foolish too.

Do you still, like me I wonder, recall those awful pangs of hunger?

Then of course maybe you, were amongst the privileged few.

I donít mean the rich or millionaires, but families without the cares,

Of how to struggle through each day, without a job, therefore no pay.

Did Mum buy your suit in town?, or was yours to, a "Hand-Me-Down"?

And did you ever go away to spend a carefree holiday?

I had many friends who lived quite well, many more Iím sad to tell.

Got from life a real raw deal, though often tempted would not steal.

Of the under-privileged kids I knew , many seldom wore a shoe.

Luxuries were saved for school, and "Sunday Best" dress, as a rule.

Many tales  Iím about to tell, in this book are true

First of all, to set the scene, one thing Iíd like to doí.

Iíll take you to the world I knew, and show the sights I saw.

Please come with me to "Yesterday", as I return once more.

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