I wonder are you old enough, to recall the wartime years,

When normal folk like you and I, lived with constant fears?

Not the fear of suffering, or losing their own lives.

It was for sons and daughters, husbands and their wives .

To say they had no fear of death, would be no idle boast.

It was family, friends, and freedom, they feared to lose the most.

Facing death took courage, facing life for some took more.

I lived and worked and served with them, all through the second war.

Many saw their homes destroyed, and loved ones in their graves,

Which only strengthened their resolve, never to be slaves.

I pray that never more to us, will the curse of war return,

As it has in Eastern Countries, where death reigns, and houses burn.

If only we could find the spirit, we knew in time of war,

And then combine our efforts, to cure that running sore.

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