In the period when I left school, jobs were hard to find.

From thirteen years old, I looked around for work of any kind.

At just fourteen I found some, with a high class grocery firm.

I grabbed the chance and started work, before the end of term.

For a hard week' s work, the sum of sixty pence was paid.

My title was apprentice, to the high class grocery trade.

Fifty four pence of my pay, went toward my keep.

The other six was mine, all mine, but living wasn't cheap.

I'd start at eight each morning, and work till half past six.

A very rare extravagance, was an evening at the " FLICKS",

A film would be exceptional, to make me be so rash,

For I'd be left with just two pence, of my hard earned cash.

A small amount was put aside, for gifts and holiday,

You got one in the second year, a week, but with no pay.

I used to do the rounds, of customers, for orders.

I had to listen to their tales, of sickness and disorders.

I used to take their money, when they had bills to pay.

I well remember cashing up, on one particular day.

The boss was counting up the cash. as he had done before.

He said, I've checked your "float", and you've got ten bob more.

After work I re-did my round, until quite late at night.

Each customer assured me, that their change was right.

That ten bob was a fortune, but it brought no joy to me.

If anyone knew about it, they'd suspect dishonesty.

I made a plan, to wait, until a really windy day,

Then open up a window, and let it blow away.

I released it from my bedroom, up on the second floor.

Within two minutes, or even less, a knock upon the door.

A lady stood there with that note, saying "Look what I have found".

"I looked up at your window, and this floated to the ground".

I thanked the dear old lady, for her kindly act.

In my heart I really wished, she hadn't brought it back.

I tried to find another way, to lose that ten bob note.

I'm sure if I had seen one, I'd have fed it to a goat.

Finally, a stroke of luck. a fair came into town.

Even then it took sometime, to wear that fortune down.

The only stalls that I could use. were where the prize was cash.

To win arms full of dolls etc., would just have been too rash.

Once the note was broken into, I had to lose each coin I'd got,

My fortune went both up and down, until at last, I'd lost the lot.

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