What do I do in my spare time?

Not much, apart from writing rhyme.

But don't think that I'm a "Lazy Slob",

I've worked long hours, in a tiring job.

Since retirement, I confess that I'm,

Addicted to a life of rhyme.

That's in the hours, (All too few),

When I've nothing else to do.

Sometimes I saw and chop up logs,

And have to care for my fifteen dogs.

The field in which they run and play,

Needs cleaning, at least twice a day.

In summer when the grass grows tall,

It must be cut but that's not all.

Once the kennels and runs are clean,

I feel "Dog Tired", Know what I mean?

The time's my own, once they've been fed,

But by then it's almost time for bed.

As I write this, my eyes are closing,

I'm struggling now to keep from dozing.

Forgive me if I drift away,

I've had such a tiring dzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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