There used to be a saying, "It couldn't happen here".

That in my experience, may not be true I fear.

In the early "Nineteen Thirties", when the Nazis came to power,

Germans welcomed them as "Saviour" in their country's gravest hour.

Critics and opponents, were soon ousted from their posts,

Replaced by party members, where their power was needed most,

In offices and factories, and as teachers in the schools,

Both teachers and their pupils were used as powerful tools.

I was serving in the, B.A.O.R., at the conclusion of the war,

And asked some Germans what they knew, of the crimes that we abhor.

A teen aged girl explained to me, that the pupils at her school,

Had discussions with their teachers, twice weekly as a rule.

They spoke of "Anti Nazi Propaganda", and subjects in the news,

Asking what was discussed at home, and of their parent's views.

 Parents who weren't "Members", knew discussions were unwise,

If they voiced their disapproval, it could prejudice their lives.

The Gestapo (Secret State Police), had such a strangle-hold,

The children never questioned things, their Nazi masters told.

Rumours of death and torture, were infrequently passed on.

A misplaced word could send them, where many Jews had gone.

We must keep on talking to our children, and make them realize,

Such evil parties still, exist and once again could rise.

Minorities in many lands, still suffer death or fear.

We should tell them that it MUST NOT,


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