Search for contentment and you'll search in vain,

Erstwhile pleasures that you'll find, too often end in pain.

It's a rare commodity, that we can't earn or buy,

Sadly it eludes some people until the day they die.

It's not a case of what you've got, or even one of health,

And although it sometimes helps, it need not follow wealth.

In truth it's just a state of mind, that's what I believe,

Enjoyed by those prepared to give, not only to receive.

Some who've everything they need, imagine they are poor,

Envying the possessions, of those who live next door.

If only they'd avert their gaze, to those across the street,

Who through no fault of their own, have scarce enough to eat.

They might get a true perspective, and as like as not,

Appreciate what hardship means, giving thanks for what they've got.

We confuse the things that we desire, with the things we need.

Envying our neighbours, is just another form of greed.

Ray Baker

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