The Thirties I recall, as a time of great change,

The gas oven replaced, the coal fired range.

Light bulbs replaced gas mantles as well.

What a relief to get rid of that smell.

At first they weren't fitted in every room.

A candle at bedtime lightened the gloom.

The brass oil lamp was lit, when someone was sick,

To keep it from smoking meant trimming the wick.

That bedside candle was our portable light,

When nature called, in the dead of night.

Our only toilet, was in the back yard,

That made life in winter especialy hard.

Down those steep stairs, to the ground floor,

The worst part came, once out the back door.

Frequently greeted, by wind, rain or snow,

If we could hold out till morning, we just wouldn't go.

The toilet was composed, of three walls and a door,

Above which the rain entered, when it came on to pour.

There wasn't a window, just a hole in the wall,

When wind blew the candle, you'd no light at all.

In Town and at Seaside, a vendor with "Trike",

Served penny ice lollies, any flavour you'd like.

"STOP ME AND BUY ONE", the sign he displayed.

 At each house left a card, to promote his trade.

When placed in a window, he would see it and call,

And supply your requirements, however small.

A van full of crates, came around twice a day,

Supplying soft drinks, in just the same way.

Since those early days, both firms have now grown.

WALLS and CORONA, still in Britain well known.

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