A rose petal hanging on a strand of web,

Spins in the gentle breeze,

No man-made sounds, all else is still,

Save for buzzing honeybees.

As they pollinate the flowers,

And gather nectar for the hive.

Here in the peaceful countryside.

It's great to be alive.

With shortening days, and cooler nights,

Lines of birds prepare for flights,

To warmer days, and bluer skies,

To gorge on swarms of bugs and flies.

Though swallows leave for sunny clime,

The robin stays through wintertime.

As man's companion he'll remain,

Throughout the year, come snow or rain.

When icy seas lash coastal rocks,

The sea gulls come ashore in flocks,

To settle on the snow clad fields,

And shelter till the weather yields.

Instead of scraps from fishing ships,

They scavenge food on rubbish tips.

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