When I think about some words we use,

I'm sure our language must confuse,

Those brought up in another land.

Our spelling's hard to understand.

When it comes to spelling there's a hitch,

It's knowing just WHICH WITCH IS WICH.

The first one meaning what you chose,

The next a hag with pointed shoes.

Although it may sound quite absurd,

The IpsWICH ending is the third.


This problem crops up quite a lot.

For instance knowing WHAT WATT IS WOT.

The first means much the same as which,

Then power you use, when you close a switch.

The next means know, or to be aware.

Nowadays it's use is rare.

But you older readers may recall,

Mr Chad upon a wall,

And the inscription "WOT NO BEER",

Next to the words "KILROY WAS HERE".

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