Have you heard the story, of the fool who fell in love,

With a charming Suffolk girl. with eyes like stars above.

He won't deny he was a fool, to think he'd find romance.

He wasn't good at smooth talk, and couldn't even dance.

On New Years Eve he asked her out, in spite of all his fears,

She agreed to go with him, he could not believe his ears

She lived and worked at a garage, he came past each day.

He'd stop for petrol, and a chat, and then go on his way.

Each day he'd ride on motor-bike, or drive a motorcar,

From Harwich, over twenty miles, it really was too far.

Love grew with time, how it flew by, summer soon was past.

He found a job much nearer home, a chance to save at last
                                                            They planed to wed as soon, as they could find a flat

What if they found one right away? Little chance of that.

With a wait of many months, they'd have time to save.

A friend at work, offered to help, and an address he gave.

Resulting from his kindness, they found a place to rent.

A two roomed flat on second floor, it was heaven sent.

The date was set, and work began, making wedding frocks.

Bridal dress of pure white, and veil to crown her locks,

Pale blue frocks for bridesmaids, neatly made by hand,

She'd no time for her hobby. accordionist in a band.

Two sparsely furnished rooms, up two flights of stairs,

Not what you'd call heaven, but leastwise, it was theirs.

They lived there contentedly, from September until May,

Then she longed to be near Mum, as a babe was on it`s way.

In view of that he left his job, and to Suffolk they returned,

And settled down in Ipswich, the place for which she yearned.

He had to search to find the nurse, one October morn.

After hours of stress and strain a baby girl was born.

They named the baby Sheila, a contented little soul.

Family, friends and nurses, all their hearts she stole.

Though happy she was lonely, and as you sometimes find,

She conjured up a playmate, from somewhere in her mind.

This friend that she called Beebum, was with her constantly

                        She always set a place for him, when she sat down to tea                                                       At three years old it was quite clear, she would like a brother                          So Mum and Dad decided, it was time to have another.
In due course a boy arrived, to make a "Pigeon Pair".

That was what they'd hoped for, though they said they didn't care.

The birth was far from easy, and she suffered lots of pain.

But in spite of all the trauma, she didn't once complain.

In the months that followed, Mum's health was rather poor.

The doctor said, it would be unwise, to have any more.

Those childhood days, were very sweet, but life at times was hard.

But free from those great misfortunes, that many families had.

Cats and dogs, and marmosets played a big part in their lives.

Mum would crochet, knit and sew, the most talented of wives.

She made all their clothes, and dressed them, as a matching pair.

They looked so attractive, that folk would turn around and stare.

Sheila and her brother Laurence, had a faithful friend.

Who used to sit beside their cots, on guard for hours on end.

He was a dog that Mum had owned, when she lived at the garage,

A present given by her dad, some time before her marriage,

Then when they were older, a special game, the three would play,

With rope or twine, they liked to tie, the hands of their dad Ray.

He would shout for help, and Tony would come, to do his party piece.

By gnawing through the prisoner's bonds, Dad's hands he would release.

They grew up much too quickly, to please their mum and dad.

To see their childhood fleeting, made both of them feel sad.

To work out Sheila's choice of job, took no mathematician.

On leaving school, she took a post, as a canine beautician.

Laurie of course, was born to be a motor engineer.

From grease and oil and engines he just could not keep clear.

He built himself a Go-Kart, on motors he was mad.

So he came to learn his trade, in the garage, with his Dad.

Mum went to see her doctor, as a matter of routine,

And happened by chance to say, how nice it would have been,

If only things were different, and she could start again.

If she could have another child, she wouldn't mind the pain.

The doctor said, in fifteen years, so many things had changed,

If she were to have another one, special care would be arranged.

He said, no cause for her to fear, if she would like a baby.

Her mind was made up right away, it was not a case of maybe.

Very few months after that, a child was on it's way.

Dad went in to visit Mum, in the evening every day.

One evening Dad walked in the ward, to find her empty bed.

The nurse told him to wait outside, the delivery ward instead.

He didn't wait there very long, until baby Vincent came.

Incidentally Vincent, was his grandmum's maiden name.

The nurses thought the world of him, that made his mum so proud.

He really was a handsome child, he stood out in a crowd.

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