As the new dawn breaks, the world awakes,

It's sad to say, that some won't see,

The dawn that welcomes you and me.

No ray of hope shines in their skies,

They see the world through tear filled eyes.

To their tears, aggressors pay no heed,

Being members of a different creed.

Their homes and families now destroyed,

No future, just an empty void.

Hungry families, deemed fair game,

As targets for the sniper's aim.

A mother grieves for teenaged daughter,

Who ventured out in search for water.

Those fleeing as their houses burn,

Fear that there'll be no return,

And can only hope, some friendly power,

Will aid them in their darkest hour.

For many, help will come too late,

They'll die from that disease called hate.

It's carriers, all means employ,

Their weaker neighbours to destroy.

Those who yesterday were mates,

Made enemies through ethnic hates.

Let's pray that peace returns once more,

And that love, the antidote to war,

Will heal their wounds, and soothe the pain,

And change despair to hope again.

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