Are any of these faces familiar ?

If you know any of my fellow ROOKIES pictured below in January 1943, please E-mail me, I am pictured on the right of Sgt. LLoyd and inset top left. A few years ago (15-20 at least) I was surprised to see Frank Shaw, inset top right, squatting third right bottom row, featured in a programme entitled Seven Men. I have not crossed paths with any of those comrades since the time of that photo, with one exception. The exception being Fred Read who is pictured next to Frank Shaw on the bottom row. Fred Read was able write in reverse, and signed his name our surprise meeting took place in 1946, in Wetter a small town in the Ruhr, when I visited the the home of a German civilian, who was a former member of a work force I had been in charge of. I would really like to get news of Ron Treseden, top row, nearest my inset, I attended his wedding early in 1943, as did Alf Pearman, third from left in the next row down. The soldier squatting on the extreme left of the bottom row Private Bryn, used to ask if he could borrow a safety razor blade, which he would unwrap, put in his mouth, and after a minute or so, blow out in a cloud of fine particles. I am told that if anyone would buy him a glass of beer, after drinking it he would treat the glass in the same manner.
I can't remember the names of all the members of our platoon, but another one I wont forget is a ginger haired lad named Riley seated on the end of the second row down. Regardless of our boxing experience, we were matched against each other, to determine who would represent the platoon. He should have been a plastic surgeon, he remodelled my nose without the aid of anesthetics.
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